8 Brocade Qigong or Ba Duan Jin

Hello,  today it’s time to speak about a classic Qigong (pronounced chee gong) set of exercises called 8 Brocade or Ba Duan Jin or Baduanjin.   These movements/forms appear easy enough to do but have some subtleties which make them powerful exercises and will require some time to reap the complete benefit.  But that isn’t to say you won’t get benefit from them right away.  Get a qualified instructor to show them  to you and spend some time with him/her so you can see and understand the subtleties  and maximize the benefit to you.  This particular Qigong is a very complete head to toe exercise that will stimulate your meridians and provide great healthcare benefits.  Next time we will describe the individual benefits of each of the 8 Brocades.  So keep moving and do Qigong daily.

As always please let me know if this was helpful and if you have any question.  To your health!

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Another day another learning

Remember the adage about “learning something new each day” well today was such a day.  Today I did medical qigong based more on meditation, breathing and visualization than the movement based qigong I normally do.  But before I get ahead of myself  in my third post I want to talk more about the Qi (chi) pronounced Chee Kung topic that I began to speak about in my last post.  One thing I learned is we have to remember that we don’t know exactly what it is although we will try to detail it, describe it, quantify it and qualify it but in the end – it’s an idea.  We are attempting to describe something the Creator (or whatever you call it) created in which all life, every living speciment on earth and in the universe is a part of and dependent upon for life.  So just a reminder.

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Hello Again

This post I going to get into some specifics on “chi” pronounced “chee” or Qi.  I will use both these spelling because sometimes they are used interchangeably and I want you to recognize both.  Qi is the basis of Chinese medicine – a philosophy as much as a physical construct but in fact you can’t see chi like you can’t see the wind but that doesn’t mean that energy doesn’t exist, does it?  In fact this Qi concept has evolved over thousands of years to form the foundation of a healing health care system of the Chinese and the Far East.  Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine has been used effectively before the advent of modern medicine.  I just went to a acupuncturist for my daughter; it wasn’t my first choice.  I went to two Pediatric Orthopedic doctors, one specializing in sport injuries and after two years of treatment at a prestigious clinic both doctors at different times released her stating, “there was nothing more they could do.”  In other words, western medicine has no more answers to help her tendonitis.  She has played tennis since her introduction to the sport at 3 years old while she did tumbling for general conditioning and to learn how to use her body athletically for which tumbling is a great introduction to physical movement.  Now at 14 1/2  she’s had to stop playing tennis for three years since she’s 11 1/2 due to this condition and we were being told, “sorry we can’t help you, you can alway try surgery.”  One starts to investigate  other possibilities when you know you child does better when their involved in a sport better academically, time management, attitude, joy etc.  So when went to a acupuncturist last night and she received her first treatment with the acupuncture needles which she said, she didn’t really feel.  Getting back to what acupuncture is – it promotes nature healing i.e.  helps the body to heal itself – It enhances recuperative power and immunity, supports physical and emotional health and improves overall well-being.  How?  This Qi flows throughout the inside of your body and also the outside of your body all through the universe and everything living much the same way as carbon is needed for life forms.  A person’s health is influenced by the quality, quanitity and balance of the chi in the body.  Till next time.

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Greetings & A Healthy 2011

I starting this blog to document my experience creating health for myself and in doing so pass on some value to others.  I have been doing Tai Chi and Tai Chi Qigong excersise consistenly for some time now and find them exhilaring yet simple to do.  I recently was reminded how fragile our health is when I got a flu virus just over the Christmas holiday.  I spent 3 to 4 days literally on my back in bed with no enery and as soon as I use some I was notified by body “ain’t no more left”.  I thought I was having a affaire with my bed so it seemed.  I was so happy for it and swore I would never leave it although it wasn’t really a choice.  In fact I felt so weakened, I found myself trying to imagine how someone dying of a serious disease could have less energy that I had.  Energy is a important topic, oil and the like but I want to limit it to the life energy inside of us known as “chi” or “qi” what the Chinese refer to as life energy.  To make chi pratical in your mind  think of what drives your takes  fingernails to grow or for the face stubble you get or leg stubble for a woman.  When I thought of this it seem to make sense something drives that growth every minute of every day.

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Hello world!

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